The past puppies have all gone to their new families.  They reside in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,  Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Maryland, Montana,  Nebraska, New Mexico,  North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  Rhode Island,  Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin  and   Wyoming..  and  Canada...   
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 Past Puppies ~ Testimonials
  " I want to compliment you on your technique and love for breeding collies. your experience and compassion comes through in these dogs. i can definitely tell that they were loved and taken care of like part of the family. i can definitely tell by these pups that you and your husband love this breed and are not in it for the money like some other people out there. this was an important detail that i was looking for in choosing a puppy. the time, interest and care in even the email responses that you sent me proved to me that you were the real deal. the personalities of the parents of these boys must be amazingingly smart and sweet, because these boys are beautiful and full of character. i cant wait to see how they are going to be as adults. 

I will be in touch, with updates and pictures. 

thanks again for such priceless additions to my family. 

you are absolutely correct, these boys have the most kissable cheeks."
                        ~ Becky Ellsworth~
                              Rhode Island

    Riley (Tri) and Charlie (Sable) are the sons of Elle and Sienna  

 These 2 Boys were adopted together 
  Our Puppies  come with a copy of EVERY document I have on each parent.   Everything from DNA test results to pedigrees.        
  We will gladly take back any of our puppies, any time or any age, if their new owners are unable to care for the puppy.    
 We are honored that  10 families have gotten their second puppy from us and 3 have gotten their third pup from us too. 
  "Peg,Vanna is so confident,spunky,and not afraid of anything and she has a go get um attitude.I'm feeling good about showing her.Things are looking good.I wanted to tell you what a great job you did. Well done."        ~Laurie Howard~
Hi Peg,

"Astro has been a great dog from day one.  He is very intelligent and learns very quickly.  He is gentle, yet he is a good watch dog.  At five months we feel that he can have the run of the house.  Everyone loves Astro. He loves playing in the water, which we introduced to him at a young age, now we always know where to find him. He is also very talky....if he wants something he will let you know.
I also felt very confident buying from Miles Collies and Peg is a very concientious breeder, if we should decide on a second dog in the future"
                                                               ~  Ken  Kwiatkowski ~

   "We are so loving having our "Awesome Angus" as part of our family!He is such a smart puppy and has a delightful fun personality. He is every bit the Collie puppy that we had hoped for and we feel so lucky to have him. He loves all other dogs and people.  Our daughter thinks that he believes life is a party just for him and everyone we meet is meant to be his friend. Every day he GROWS and changes.
WE are so glad that we chose to get our puppy from you! you walked us through everything step by step. This was a breed of dog that we have not owned before and you gave us all of the information that we needed to bring him home in the best way.  I loved it that you sent the washcloth home with us that smelled like his mom. We also felt confident that we had a healthy puppy due to all of the documentation that you provided on Elle and Mister. We're looking forward to bringing his brother home in the spring. 
Our best to you and your family."

                                      ~  Julie & Lee Heinz ~ 
   "I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did when we got Baron.  He is a rambuctious puppy and brings a lot of joy to the family, especially my Granddaughter who is the one we got Baron for.  It's obvious you love your dogs and made the process of choosing one a pleasure.  I loved the constant updates as the puppies of his litter get older.  When we picked him up I was very impressed with how you had everything ready and organized with all of the documentation for Baron.  The rag with Elle's scent sure made the trip home go much easier too.  It calmed him down considerably.  He is growing up to be a very beautiful dog and we look forward to enjoying him being a part of our family for many years to come.  I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a collie puppy.  You are by far the best Collie breeder that I have dealt with of all the ones I have dealt with over the years."  

Vance Chartier
 " I'm writing this to thank you for for our wonderful little Ukko.
 We are so pleased with his quality as well as the way we were treated by yourself and your husband Kevin.
 Your personable nature as well as the cleanliness of your well organized operation shows the care that should set an example for other breeders to follow.
 The paperwork was well organized and presented to us in a very professional manner. Allowing time to answer any question we may have.
 We left with the feeling that we were welcome to call with any questions that may arise in the future.
 The health screening and testing were very complete as well as impressive. 
I want to thank you as well as let you know that I intend to inform everyone I know about the very responsible,
excellent Collie breeder that provided us with our little Ukko."

          Thank You, Steve & Pam Ristola

    "We can't find the words of where to begin with how happy we are to have our beautiful sweet Riley.  He is a fun loving affectionate wonderful joy in our lives.  We can't say enough how fun he is being a part of our family.  How he greets us in the morning with all his kisses.  I can't get home from work fast enough knowing he is so excited to see me when I drive up.  Peg I cannot say enough how we are blessed to have found you.  You are the best breeder to be carrying on the collie breed.  I have never met anyone like you to love the breed of collies like you do.  Your soft touch your caring heart and how you let us watch with you while the puppies are growing from day one until we picked him up to come home.  We are blessed everyday having Riley in our family.  Training is so darn fun because of the intelligence that your puppies have.  It isn't even a chore.  Potty training was such a breeze I still say pinch me; it happened to fast.  He picks up on everything so fast it is shocking.  Thank you Peg, you are the greatest and so is our Riley boy."

   Dale & Lois Anderson ~ Wisconsin
   "Marley is very a loving, gentle, well mannered little man.  We are very happy to have him in our family.  He is very accepting of all that we teach him.  Intelligence is just not enough to say how smart our little man is.  He was potty trained in little over a week.  We have a collie from your last litter (Riley) from Elle and Mister and I have said many times that we would never think of getting a collie from anywhere else.  Peg you are like the best breeder we have ever known.  Your puppies could not have started in a better environment than yours.  All breeders should take note of how absolutely wonderful you are making sure that the collie breed is the best.  Marley is so a mama's boy and very protective of me.  At 4 months old he already is alert to sounds that he thinks may hurt me.  He has a very deep warning bark and watches to make sure that I am ok.  It is so shocking to see how he watches over me and make sure that I am ok.  I just can't say enough how proud and happy we are with our two boys from you.  Elle has to be the proudest mother ever.  Thank you Peg a million times."

      Dale & Lois  Anderson ~ Wisconsin

  "From the very first phone conversation I had with Peg, I could easily understand how passionate and proud she was about the collies she was breeding and my search for a breeder ended right then.  We were given all the information and documentation of Mommy Elle and Daddy Diesel, both tremendous collies, and given news updates on the progress of Elle and the litter to be, weekly if not more.  We felt like part of the family without yet meeting in person.
After the pups were born, we received photos and videos so we could follow the progress as we waited for the chance to select our new boy Jazz.  Luckily, we do not live to far away and were invited to come visit as often as we could which we certainly did.  It was great fun seeing the pups interact with Elle and each other and watch Jazz's personality come out.  The pups had a great start as they were all loved and cared for by Peg and her family and introduced to new people, animals and situations as they grew.  Jazz came home to us a confident, loving and very happy collie.  He is growing to be a very beautiful sable and is great with all people and dogs he meets...a real sweetie.  

We know how important  the wonderful Collie breed is to Peg and Kevin Miles and genuinely appreciate the work and sacrifice it takes to give us the opportunity to bring one of these special dogs into our lives.  We not only gained a collie, we gained new friends.

To anyone considering having a collie in the it and bring one home from Miles Collies."

Kirk and Wendy Davis   and Jazz  ~  Iowa                 
  "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." - Ben Williams
   "Cailan (ne Stewie) is doing great. He's growing like a weed and totally house-broken. He can come and sit on command. He's a beautiful, smart boy and I am completely smitten with him. Thanks once again for breeding such a good dog!"

  ~ Tina Neish  North Carolinia 
  My husband and I have always been Collie fans, and when the breeder who would normally supply us with a dog quit breeding, we knew we would have to find a Collie elsewhere. Luckily, we came across Miles Collies, where we found Hank, a sweet sable and white ball of cuteness. We have many visitors here on the farm, and most of them have commented on how calm and sweet Hank is. There's something special about him; he's well mannered and smart.  Peg made the whole process of bringing Hank home easy. We appreciated her attention to health details and her passion and knowledge of the Collie breed.
It makes finding the perfect dog companion a joy, as it should be. 
  ~Sharon Larson   Davenport Iowa~   

   Thank you for Sweetie pie. You bred amazing puppies and am proud to be a owner and adoptive mommy to one! After we lost our late collie, Aoi, it wasn't the same. But then I came across your website, and had seen your waiting list for the soon-to-be puppies. I went ahead and emailed you. You were very patient with me and my family, we are thankful of that. Thank you. Sweetie pie is so full of energy and is a sweetie. She earned her name right. :) she has slowly filled the missing holes that Aoi left for her to fill. She is amazing and we love her very much! She's my little hero. But not only my hero, she also be came the hero of her big adoptive brother Bentley, our older German Shepherd puppy. Aoi was his big brother, he became depressed after he died. Little Sweetie Pie spinned his world for the better. He is one happy  puppy dog again! All thanks to Sweetie Pie and you. :) thank you both.
 You keep up the amazing job with your collies. I will recommend you to anyone looking for collies. :)
             Thank you Peg and family~
      With love, Amanda, Sweetie Pie, and family.     
  Hello Peg,
We are just writing you to let you know how much we love Buck.    We enjoy having him as part of our family.  He is a very calm and well adjusted puppy.  I just recently had him to a store with me and many people commented to me how beautiful he is.  Thanks for doing such a good job!

 ~ Dan, Shirlene Moyer and family ~    Pennsylvania

  He is such a joy and fits our family so well.  He's curious, playful, loving, and very attentive.  As you know, we had our hearts' set on a Sable male, and were quite worried about Willy's early Merle spots as a tiny puppy.  He's a gorgeous sable now, and there are no sign of those early spots at all.  He weighs in at 50  pounds and is six months old. Thank you for bringing him to us and for assuring us that we'd love him as much as we do!
    All the best in 2014,   
  ~  Cindy and Mike ~ Colorado 

 Hi Peg!!  There are simply not enough adjectives in the English language to describe how happy we are with Romeo!!  I never expected to have a 12 week old, completely potty-trained puppy, but I sure do...YAY!!  I'm looking forward to starting obedience class with him at the end of this month...he's one smart puppy and will definitely excel in class.  We can't thank you enough and absolutely have loved working with you...I will always recommend you as a top-notch Collie breeder and you will hear from me a lot...I will be a return customer for sure!


    Marisa Anderson ~ Iowa
  We are totally in love with Teddy. We have never had such an easy puppy to train. Teddy is extremely intelligent, playful, affectionate and eager to please. He was housebroken almost from the start. And we were amazed when he started doing tricks that we hadn't yet taught him that he learned from watching our other dog.
Getting Teddy from you has been a wonderful experience. You were great about sending us pictures and answering all of our questions by phone or email. We appreciate the love you have for your collies and it shows in everything you do. 
Thanks again for the great addition to our family.

~  Gail Hedley  Indiana  ~  

  Dear Peg,
I cannot tell you how happy and pleased I have been with the whole Milescollies experience.  From the moment I first wrote to you and told you I wanted a puppy of Colby’s  and you put me on your wait list, through the 5 ½  months of waiting for the litter to be born, through the birth of the litter, the entire time you were their first human mother and up until now that my Bonnie is almost 10 weeks old, you have been so easy to talk to and communicate with, I feel like I have made a new friend in you. You have always been so personable and attentive and have tolerated my endless questions and emails and have always been so patient with me. You were also so accommodating to my schedule. When I came to Iowa when the puppies were 15 days old to choose a puppy, you seemed so willing to drop everything to be able to meet me and you spent so much time with me while I took forever to choose a puppy.  You were never in a hurry or tried to push me in any direction of choosing a puppy.  You guided me with honest forthright answers to my many questions about EACH one’s personality and disposition.  Afterwards I know I bombarded you with countless questions and requests for photos and updates, and you always so kindly answered my questions, and you were very attentive to at least 2x/week provide me with photos and/or videos of the puppies. This was so helpful to me and very much appreciated.  Then when I changed the schedule on you at almost the last minute and asked if you could meet me with my puppy, once again, you altered your schedule or worked me in miraculously and you were right there at the meeting place with everything such as the registration and health papers and records, copies of pedigrees of Bonnie’s parents, a worming tube and clear directions about everything I was supposed to do all so very organized including a starter package of her food and a very nice kennel for her to travel home in and a blanket with her parents’ scents on it to help ease her into her new home.

All of this time has been such a pleasurable happy time for me and I know it will continue as Bonnie fits in so well into our home . I believe she was truly meant to be here with me in my life . She is God’s little gift to me and will be for years to come, I know!
Thank you Peg, for being such a nurturing first human mommy to my precious sweet Bonnie.
     Christy Thompson              
  ~ Texas  ~                                                                                                                            
Velvet has been a welcome addition to the house. She is very energetic. She loves to play with Baron our other collie my parents got from you. It was wonderful at how you kept us informed on how well she was doing before we picked her up. Every time an email came the kids and I were happy to see she was becoming a beautiful dog. You take the time to make sure all the puppies are healthy and doing very well. When we had questions you took the time to let us know how she was doing. I would recommend you to others.  So velvet loves to go on walks around our neighborhood. We've even taken Velvet up to the nursing home I work at. The residents loved how beautiful she was, and they want to see how she grows up to be. The kids love spending time with both Baron and Velvet. Velvet was completely trained with in a few weeks of getting her. She is member of the family and is loved a lot by every one. Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs.
                               ~Vanice Chartier  Kansas ~

    Charlie has been a blessing as a new addition to our family, he is such a smart handsome little man. Watching him taking in every new thing is amazing cause when you see his eyes you know his head is just going a mile a minute he is so open minded and he is so accepting of everything you introduce to him. He is not afraid to explore. He is definitely a ladies man as well, he loves attention and he loves to give kisses sometimes his teeth get into the mix but he's a puppy. Potty training has been a dream!!! At 4 months he had full control of the house when we work or when we are sleeping and he holds it. Even when he got out of his kennel at 13 weeks he didn't make one accident or chew on any furniture, I am so impressed with Charlie even training him with tricks and commands is just a breeze. I am so proud in him, his temperament is just a dream and he is just such a happy go lucky little guy. I cannot imagine our home without him. Peg he was well worth the wait. He is such a beautiful boy I cannot wait to see how handsome he gets when he becomes an adult. I love my little Charlie boy.  

  Samantha  Anderson Ludvigsen   ~   Wisconsin

  ~  Charlie is the son of  Faith & Colby ... born 01/16/2014  ~
  Casey is an absolute charmer: curious, strong-willed, and generally full of personality. He is a wonderful addition to our family and we look forward to many happy years with him. 
    I can't compliment Peg enough on her hands-on approach to raising happy, healthy puppies. She really cares about each puppy and it shows. We couldn't be happier with Casey!

Dianna & Dr. Howard Pue DMV   Ashland, MO

    My collie day started off as a girls day trip !! I got 3 of my good friends and we made a day of it going to get Chloe !! A 3 hr drive felt so quick as Peg and I had stayed in touch so much before getting her it was so nice having so many pictures and updates along the way was amazing and made the wait really hard haha !! 
Then we arrived and they were wonderful their place was very clean and the dogs were all nice and well behaved !! Peg went over all the paperwork and explained everything-in great detail! 
Chloe - is almost 5 months old now and came home to a sister Claire / 8 year old Pomerania, brother - Cayne 6 month old Aussiedoodle, and 2 cats cy 17 years old and Oliver 2 years old! YES! We have a zoo!! 
Chloe Belle- Victoria Madonna is a long name and yes she is another one of our princesses 👸🏼!! 
She had adapted so great to our family and we love her so much!!!everyone that meets her and sees her loves her too and says how beautiful she is! I can’t wait To see her grow with our family ! We love her soo much!! 
Love Peg and her husband it was so cute as we were leaving that day I could tell he was a little sad as he said his last goodbyes to her 😞 it just shows how much they come from a good breeder and really care about the dogs and not just the money !!
So glad we meant the miles collies and have Chloe!!!💗💗💗

          Michelle Redman  Ankeny, Iowa
Hi Peg,
   The thought of having a collie has been with me since childhood. I've always loved Lassie/ Laddie❤❤. When the idea became serious I searched for a good breeder and found you😊 From the moment we spoke I knew I wanted a collie from you. The love and thought you put into these pups is evident. 
     Our Angus is such a sweetie! So smart funny and gentle. Eager to please, and to meet people and other dogs. Kinda good with cats lol...We didn't know what to expect in buying a pup. We only had rescues. You and your family were so gracious and accommodating. We were able to meet his dad Jurassic when we came to visit. He and Emma(mom) were so sweet and friendly❤ as were all your collies. You have a wonderful family. It was great meeting your husband Kevin and Son Jake. You can see how much they love the collies❤ 
    When we picked up Angus the advice you gave us about crating was great. As this was new to us. Your attention to detail is awesome.Thank you for going over all his paperwork with me. So appreciate this. Angus has been an absolute joy!! My husband and I thank you.. 😊❤

     Kathy & Ed Fonseca Chicago Illinois
  Grace is doing great. She is an absolutely wonderful puppy. She is friendly, affectionate, playful, a quick learner, eager to please, sociable, energetic, curious, confident (but sometimes cautious), happy, and a constant joy to be with.       
     She’s growing well and is in perfect health. She took very quickly to sleeping in a crate in the bedroom at night and to housetraining (never had an accident in the house), and has settled into a nice routine. She greets me excitedly in the morning, climbing into my lap and enjoying some time cuddling with me before needing to go outside. Since I work at home, we are together almost constantly. We go for a walk of about 2 to 3 miles every day, in a variety of places nearby, woods and fields and parks, so she can explore different types of places. She loves meeting people and other dogs. She is a quick learner when it comes to training. She eats well but only as much as she needs; almost always leaves a little bit of food in the bowl. She gets plenty of good sleep, often on her back with her paws up in the air.
    In the evenings, if it’s not too cold outside, we take another walk around the neighborhood. Right now she’s up on the couch with me, watching TV, as she usually is in the evenings, siting next to me and chewing on a puppy treat. She’ll probably start yawning in a little while and be ready for lights out. 
    She is also beautiful, of course, cute as a button, and as you know, a beautiful collie attracts attention wherever she goes. Everyone she meets is charmed by her.
   I am so very grateful that I have Grace in my life now, and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done with her parents Jurassic and Emma and with Grace and her brothers and sisters. I feel very fortunate to have found you and her.

     Katie ~ Illinois. 
  Barkley is the fifth collie we have raised. Barkley has adjusted very well. Loves his yard and likes to run. He now weighs in at 39+ pounds, and its all bone and muscle. He is wonderful at vets and is great at getting his shots and nails trimmed. He will sit, shake, stay, lay-down, fetch and come on command. He sits patiently while feeding him and will only attack his bowl when told ok. He loves his raw hide and is working on his adult teeth breaking through the gum line. He is extremely intelligent and when directed responds not only to one word commands but understands full sentences. His vocabulary is rather amazing. We forget he is only 5 months old! When he comes in from outside and he knows his feet are muddy (we have a grass yard but a tremendous amount of rain), he sits in the laundry room and, raises his paw and places it over the rim of the bucket to get his paws washed. He loves his toys and entertains himself when not with us. He also likes playing on toy piano and watching some TV shows and football. Ask him who's tail is "a wagging" and he wags it faster while turning to look at it! We have more work to do on healing and walking on a leash in public, but he is getting better at it. His hair is getting longer daily, very soft, curly and wavy like Emma and for a puppy, he is really good about getting combed and brushed.
  John holding Barkley and his wife Karen holding Harley. drove from Pennsylvania to pick up their puppy Barkley. 
    This sweet couple  took Harley with them back to Pennsylvania, Harley was picked up by his owner the next morning. 
       This is Piper (Blue Merle), my second Collie from Peg Miles. She is now six months old. The Tri in the Second picture was Izzy, my first from Peg.    Both dogs have been tremendous socially, loving other dogs and people. They are smart, energetic and do really well with children. Yes, they do shed a lot but more than make up for that with their wonderful temperament. 
   Peg gives them a good start exposing them to lots of people. Potty training starts early so when the puppy comes home with you, they already have some training. Miles Collies is a great place to buy a Collie.      Peg is a responsible breeder that is aware of all potential Collie genetic afflictions and breeds accordingly. She is also a great resource after you have brought your new puppy home, quickly responding to any questions and concerns that arise with your new pup! I highly recommend her!

   Jim & Ann Stuart 
. Throughout the next 8 weeks, Peg kept us up to date on the pups via photos, videos, and emails. We picked Conner up on Valentines Day weekend. Peg made us feel welcome and had all of his paperwork ready for us.  
Conner is smart and very sweet. He did take some time to housebreak, as we didn't use the crate, but since, he picks up on things very quickly. He is currently practicing a series of 10 weaving poles, and understood what they were for after only 2 times through! He sits patiently at the table and eats very well off of silverware. He is gentle with our pet chickens, and our cat.
He is an absolute love,sleeps and snuggles with us in bed, and is so very beautiful that people stop us and comment wherever we go. He also rides well in the car, sitting until we stop to get out.
Adopting Conner from Miles Collies was the best decision I could have made!

Nick and Deborah Egizii
Novelty, Ohio
         I had a serious list when I began the search,   Besides needing to have the necessary DNA results and pedigree, this puppy needed a great temperament as he would be our in-house watch dog, woods-walking, pasture patrolling companion. And, this puppy would have BIG paws to fill after the loss of our last male, my husband's long-time dearest companion who made him declare "no more dogs EVER".
       I was lucky to have found Miles Collies and Max, (a Kansas and Colby puppy). Max slipped right into our hearts. In addition to being gorgeous and moving with a proud look, he's a good watch dog and loves our walks through the woods as much as we do. We didn't even have to potty train him; no accidents from the first day. Max is easy to train but not a push over as he develops his own way of doing things. I attribute Max's good start to Peg and her family and the dogs she has chosen. 
    Peg is both professional and caring. All the genetic testing was provided, all questions answered, complete documentation of pedigrees provided, puppy food, blanket, toys, advice. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. And of course my husband fell in love with Max from day one, even if Max does run off with his dirty socks on occasion. He makes us laugh every day.

       Catherine Coulter 
    Jemez Springs,  New Mexico
UPdate on Barkley 10/22/19.     ​"Barkley had his shots updated today. Our vet is very impressed with him and how personable he is. Then the vet tech asked him if she could do his nails. She was amazed he understood what she wanted and he promptly sat down and put his paw up for her!"   John Conroy

Hi Peg,

I guess it’s time I sent an accolade for the great job Miles Collies does with your breeding program. They say when looking for a pup, to look first for a good breeder, and then the pup. Truer words were never spoken. 

I was thrilled when we found Miles Collies. They have a small group of wonderful dogs. Great temperaments and when they say the pups are raised in their homes, they are IN the living room with Kevin and Peg, until such time the little stinkers decide to go over the wall, then they are moved to a bigger, safer enclosure. The pups can interact with people and the other dogs daily. You can stop anytime after they get home from work, and once in the door, it’s obvious the dogs are favored in their home. We got to come and see our pup, Cali Pearl, before we brought her home. They do extensive health testing, and have many, many years of breeding experience. Cali’s father is Jurassic, a white collie, and throughout the time we waited on a litter, Peg was always in contact with us, answered all my questions and even a few I didn’t ask… even explained to me Cali’s white factor, which was very interesting in her coloring. We also received pictures of her as she grew, and an actual video of her 6 week vet check. Peg and Kevin are obvious lovers of the breed and of dogs.  

Our Cali came to us a year after our other dog had passed away. She has been a joy and a light to us since day one. She is a smart, sensitive dog who is generally not fearful of most things, and knows when to exercise caution toward situations. She responds well to a soft voice, and when corrected, she seldom makes the same mistake twice. She is a willing partner to learn new things and L♥️VES our grandkids. At 2 years of age, I can’t imagine life without her, she is such a good girl. AND she’s beautiful to boot! I never wanted to breed her, too bad, because she is genetically perfect, and beautifully marked. I know that Cali Pearl has some divine purpose, as she was the only survivor of her litter of 7. As it turns out, a female tri-color, which is exactly what we wanted. God sent. 

We thank you and Kevin for being caring people with your dogs and what you do. 

Kenny and Holli Long 
September 2022