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  "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
  - Unknown
  Miles' Masterpiece In Cobalt  (Colby)
 ~CEA Non Carrier  
 ~PRA Non Carrier  
 ~MDR-1 Mutant/Normal 
 ~ Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)  Non Carrier
 ~Cyclic Neutropeniar (CN) Non Carrier
 ~ Dermatomyositis (DMS)  Low Risk (Less than 6%)
    ~OFA Good Hips  
    ~OFA Normal Elbows.  
    ~OFA Normal Thyroid.  
   ~ OFA  Normal Cardiac
    ~OFA  Full  Dentition 
 ~ Von Willebrand Disease I ~ Non Carrier
 ~ Von Willebrand Disease ll ~ Non Carrier
 ~  Hyperuricosuria ~ Non Carrier 
~Colby is Microchipped
~Colby's DNA is on Profile with the AKC
   Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI) 0.42%
   Ancestor Loss Coefficient (AVK) 82.4%

 Occasionally we have Sable Merle Puppies Available.    
  As shown below over time, The Merle Spots Fade.         Resulting in a Gorgeous Sable Coat Color
 As You see in the pups to the left.  Hank is marked with a Star.  Now watch in the next pictures how his merle spots fade.
~ Hank at 2 Weeks Old  ~ 
   ~  Hank  at 4 Weeks Old  ~  Notice how the Spots are Fading...
   ~  Hank  at 6 Weeks Old  ~  Yes the Spots keep Fading even more ...
 Hank at his new home at 6 Months Old.   His spots have faded resulting in a Gorgeous Sable Color...
 Don't support Puppy  Mills  of any kind.....Something  to keep in mind....
     When a breeder  has pictures of a  Show Dog,  or a dog that participates in Agility, and that breeder is not actively in Showing or Agility. Ask yourself are they just producing puppies for the $$$ ...  Are they taking credit for someone else's hard work?   
    Do they show pictures of their dogs in their home on their furniture or are they always outside pictures?
Do they look like staged photos?  Did they just allow the dog in just so they could take a nice picture?       
     Where do they keep their dogs?  Outside in a seperate building, Or a seperate room in their house. Are the dogs allowed in the living room? Are they part of the family like they say they they want their pups to be?   
     Do they allow visitors anytime during the week or only on certain days when the  pups are ready to go home?
   IF  your nearby, drop in on them unexpectedly and see what it's like everyday.  
    With that many dogs, and multiple litters at the same time, Where do they keep the puppies?   Is the mother able to come and go to be with the puppies as she likes ?    There are so many questions that should be taken into consideration when choosing your next puppy.....    
   If your nearby,  drop in on us unexpectedly.    I'm usually home from  work by  4:00PM.  
  Below are Some of our Sable Merle  Puppies All Grown Up...
  Charlie, A Sable Merle 
Dixie,  A Sable Merle
 Teddy,  A Sable Merle  
  Romeo,  A Sable Merle
  Tippy,  A Sable Merle  
  Sierra,  A Sable Merle Puppy
  Miles' Every Moment Memories Arise  (Emma) 
 ~CEA Non Carrier  
 ~PRA Non Carrier  
 ~MDR-1 Normal/Normal 
 ~ Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)  Non Carrier
 ~ Cyclic Neutropenia (CN)  Non Carrier
 ~ Dermatomyositis (DMS) Low Risk (Less than 6%)
     ~OFA  Thyroid Autoimmune Thyroiditis 
    ~ OFA Cardiac Normal
    ~ OFA Dentition Missing Teeth
    ~ OFA  Hips  Pending
     ~OFA   Elbows  Pending
 ~ Von Willebrand Disease I ~ Non Carrier
 ~ Von Willebrand Disease ll ~ Non Carrier
 ~   Hyperuricosuria ~ Non Carrier 
 ~ Kansas is Microchipped...
  Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI)  1.28%
   Ancestor Loss Coefficient (AVK) 81.4%

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                                         At MilesCollies we breed for Health, Temperament & Beauty.  
       We want your next companion to live a long healthy life, That is why we do extensive DNA  &  OFA  testing.
      We also want the Amazing  Temperament like Colby has. Check out the video of him getting "mauled" by his puppies.
   Health and Temperament are our main goal,  and  It also doesn't hurt to have a Great looking Collie by your side.
   Announcements  &  Planned Litters
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 Piper,  A Sable Merle 
Contact Us
       Confirmed by Ultrasound.. Colby and Emma due Early March 2019
    Entire Litter will be Non Carriers for CEA, PRA, CN, DM, Hyperuricosuria, VWD l & ll 
      Entire Litter will be  LOW RISK  DMS with LOCI: aabb
   On this litter 6 generations:
COI 2.96%
AVK 80.7%
            Fall Litter between Grace and Colby.
    Sables, Sable Merles, Tri and Blue Merles.
          All puppies will be Non Carriers for CEA, PRA, CN, DM, Hyperuricosuria, VWD I & II.    MDR1 test will be done on each puppy.  Puppies will test +/+ or+/-,