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  Miles' A Link To The Past ~ aka  Hank 
   Hank is Colby's Great Grandson
  Hank is our Link to the past.
     Thank you Berta Lilienthal for this Handsome, Inquisitive, Strong Link to our past. 
    Through Parentage Hank is a Non Carrier for the following:
 CEA, PRA, CN, DM, MDR1, VWD I, II, III, Hyperuricosuria,  
Low Risk DMS LOCI: aabb

  Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) 0.68%
Ancestor Loss Coefficient (AVK) 92.06%
 Hank's favorite place to nap while he is still little is on the bottom shelf of the end tables.  
  Hank  Still fits on the end table.