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  Miles' A Link To The Past ~ aka  Hank 
    Hank is Colby's Great Grandson
  Hank is our Link to the past.
    Hank has inherited Colby's Temperament and Gentle Nature.   Hank is doing many of the same things that Colby did at Hank's age.
  Miles' A Link To The Past ~ aka  Hank 

   Hank is Colby's Great Grandson
  Hank is our Link to the past.
     Thank you Berta Lilienthal for this Handsome, Inquisitive, Sweet Natured Strong Link to our past. 

 CEA ~ Non Carrier 
 PRA ~ Non Carrier
 CN ~ Non Carrier 
 DM ~ Non Carrier
 MDR1 ~ Non Carrier
 VWD I, II, III ~Non Carrier
 Hyperuricosuria ~ Non Carrier
 Recurrent Inflammatory Pulmonary Disease ~Non Carrier 
Low Risk DMS LOCI: aabbCc
  OFA Hips ~ Good
 OFA Elbows ~ Normal
 OFA  Normal Thyroid
 OFA Normal Cardiac 
 OFA  Full Dentition 

  Based on 5 Generations       
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0.24%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 98.39%
  Hank and our son Jake.    Nothing like a guy and his buddy.  
  In the evening when we want to relax and put our feet up, Hank is on the ottoman every time... 
  The Temperament of our males is Unique.    Colby had it,  Jurassic had it and now  Hank has that sweet, gentle caring nature about him that was passed down to him from  Great Grandpa Colby.

   The pictures below of Hank (6 Months Old) playing with  Jurassic/Grace puppies  (Summer of 2021) in the puppy pen.   Grace, Hank, Bindi and  Faith are free to be with the pups or with us, even at night.    We've even heard Hank playing with the pups in the middle of the night as our bedroom is directly above the puppies
 To the Right is a link to Hank's  Canine Health Check panel results.   
   It has everything Hank was DNA tested for.  You can even click on the individual  test to see the definition of the disease. 
 Hank is a wonderful Dad. Always checking on his pups.. 
Below are pictures our son Jake sent me when he was on a walk with Hank.   Hank jumped up on a bench at the park and Jake took some selfies with Hank.   They are in the  order  that Jake sent..   These 2 boys together are priceless..  
     When I'm looking for the next pup to add to our breeding program, I like to see many different photos of the dog and the parents.  You can see how the dog changes over time, and if a pup, how the pup might look when older.    You also get a glimpse of the dog's personality in every photo.  
  I also like to see all the DNA test results.  Hank's  Canine Health Check results are posted above.  Pedigree is below all photos..  Enjoy.. 
     Hank is a wonderful Dad.  Not many males will lay down and let their pups crawl  all over them and play.   That remarkable temperament of Hank is Amazing!!
Hank may be available for Outside Stud to Select AKC Females.  Contact us for more Information.   If I  don't respond to your email, I did not receive it.     My cell phone number is 319-480-3431.   We both work full time Monday  thru  Thursday so Leave a message and we'll get back to you ASAP.    
   You can email us at milescollies@yahoo.com 
Hank is a Mahogany Sable.    The pictures on Hank's page are in order of his age.  You can see how his coat has darken over time.   Hank will be 3 in March of 2024