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 Miles' With Elegance and Grace  ~  Grace 
​                Grace is Registered with The AKC..
   Grace is Normal Non Carrier for CEA, PRA, DM, CN, MDR-1. Hyperuricosuria     Von Willebrand disease I & ll,  
    Dermatomyositis (DMS) Low Risk  with LOCI:  aabb The best it can be!
    OFA Autoimmune Thyroiditis
    OFA Cardiac Normal
    OFA Full Dentition 
    OFA Hips Fair
    OFA Elbows Normal 
  Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI) %
  Ancestor Loss Coefficient (AVK) %
  Grace  has been DNA tested by Canine Health Check for 150 genetic diseases.  
  To view Grace's test results, click the Pink link below or copy and paste to your browser... 
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Grace is an outstanding mother.  Very devoted to the care of her puppies. 
 Grace helping Kansas take care of her puppies.   
 Grace likes to hang out under the desk when I'm at the computer...