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                                         At MilesCollies we breed for Health, Temperament & Beauty.  
       We want your next companion to live a long healthy life, That is why we do extensive DNA  &  OFA  testing.
      We also want the Amazing  Temperament like Colby has. Check out the video of him getting "mauled" by his puppies.
   Health and Temperament are our main goal,  and  It also doesn't hurt to have a Great looking Collie by your side.
  Puppy  socialization is a positive way to help a puppy adjusts to the different elements in their life, such as people, other dogs, new places or surroundings.          Puppies get acclimated to all types of sights, sounds, and smells in a positive manner. 
   There is nothing cuter than kids and puppies.. 
   When our Colby/Kansas Litter arrives we will post individual pictures here.    
  The ENTIRE LITTER  will be Non Carriers for CEA, PRA, DM, CN, VWD, Hyperuricosuria.  
   Puppies will test +/+ or -/+ for MDR-1
  From parents with OFA  Normal Thyroid, OFA Normal Cardiac, OFA  Dentition,  OFA Good Hips,  OFA  Normal Elbows..       
     Both Parents have Low DMS Scores. 
    Contact us to be added to our waiting list....
Contact Us