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                                  Our Story 

           My husband Kevin and I have been married for 32 years..    Growing up like many collie lovers I've always had a collie.   
   Dad got our first collie,  a little boy, my nephew named TaterChip.   from some friends of his.  When we brought him home I rocked him for 2 hours as he fell asleep in my lap.. He was mine ever since.  TaterChip passed away at the age of 16.  You know if I would of had him till he was 30,  It still wouldn't of been long enough.  That is what started my love for collies. 
   When TaterChip was about 10, I thought he was ready to "retire" so I brought him home to live with me and my family.  Well he wasn't ready to "retire" as much as he loved me and wanted to be with me,  I knew he really wanted to go back to the farm.  It was then we got Otis.  
   Otis was fantastic. Everyone in town knew his friendly, gentle nature.  When Otis was about 6 and TaterChip 16 we brought TaterChip home.  We had TaterChip with us until his passing.  It was a while later we got Olivia.  
    Even back then I knew I wanted to raise collies, but Olivia didn't have that wonderful easy going temperament.  I knew it was no fault of her own, she just wasn't properly socialized before we got her...  Olivia was then spayed and remained a couch potato. Otis then passed away due to cancer at the young age of  6.   We were very happy with Olivia,  but Olivia needed some companionship of her own while the kids were in school and Kevin and I are at work.  It was then we added Elle to our family.   After Olivia passed away, we  Later on we kept a son from Elle's final litter, our Amazing Colby and thankfully we did keep Colby. Our Beloved  Elle passed away at the Vet's office the day of her spay surgery..   
   We've also been blessed to add a fantastic girl from HoneyTree Collies in Texas.  Brilliant joined us in August 2012... We had 2 wonderful litters with Brilliant. Brilliant's litters were huge. We worry about each and every puppy.  It was hard on her and on us so Brilliant is now retired and living with one of our  puppies in a loving home.  
   After Elle's passing,  We came across Faith, who is a Great-Great GrandDaughter of Elle's (so I had to have her)      who  joined us in October of 2012...After 3 litters with Faith she is now spayed and enjoying keeping everyone in check..
    Late Fall of 2016 we added Kansas and early 2017 we added Emma.   Jurassic an Outstanding Colby/Brilliant son is back from Texas.  Grace joined us in 2018.   
   We do take needed breaks as we don't always have puppies or puppies on the way.  Each litter is planned and raised with the best of our care.
      Raising collies is something we've always wanted to do. Now that our children are grown and on their own,   we've got the time and the devotion that is needed to raise a litter of puppies.. 

 You can contact us by
     e-mail at  milescollies@yahoo.com  
      Cell Phone  319-480-3431  Text or call.    Please leave a message If I can't  answer as we both work full time   and I don't have my phone on me while I'm on the clock... I'll call you back as soon as I can.   

  We are located at      108 Walnut Street SE  in Hopkinton Iowa, 52237
  Please feel free to contact us anytime  at   319-480-3431  or e-mail us at   milescollies@yahoo.com      regarding our available puppies or to know more about us or our dogs..    
  "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras
Contact Us
Contact Us
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